Glasses screen printed with ecological techniques

We screen print all types of glass glasses

glass tumbler screen printing

glass tumbler screen printing

Decoration of glass, ceramic and polycarbonate glasses, we decorate glasses with screen printing for designs, logos and descriptions, screen-printed glasses for kitchenware, beer brands and promotional glasses. 

glass cup screen printing company 

In our business activity we use screen printing to transfer the design to the glass, printing the design, brand logo and product descriptions on glass. 

Screen printing is widely used in high quality designs for personalized tumblers, screen prints that require characteristics such as definition, long durability and resistance to external elements. 

We have high-capacity industrial machinery for screen printing glasses; Latest generation screen printing technology capable of offering higher quality standards and decorative possibilities on all types of glass and crystal glasses, printing glasses with ecological screen printing technology with a low carbon footprint in all productions. 

Glass screen printing company

Printing services for glass and plastic glasses, personalized glasses with designs for advertising and tableware/glassware series. Screen printing combined with hot stamping on glasses, our decorative techniques are environmentally friendly. We decorate all types of glass containers for household items.

Silk-screened glasses for household goods 

Our decorative solutions for glass / crystal glasses consist of the application of different techniques in the painting and screen printing of glasses for glassware. In personalized glasses we offer a wide range of decorations with innovative colors, textures and effects.

We apply innovative techniques to our glass screen printing to obtain an impressive final product of the highest quality, with the added value of a decoration that is faithful to its sample and durable over time. 

The R+D+I department carries out a study of the glass and its possible chemical reactions, resistance to its use in dishwashers, its durability and color, offering advantages and special characteristics to obtain a high-quality final product.

Screen printing of glasses with high definition and maximum quality


At PCM Grupo we have state-of-the-art machinery for the screen printing of cups, technology with the latest advances in ecology, quality and versatility.

Glasses screen printed with ecological techniques

Without a doubt, the latest generation machinery is capable of offering higher quality standards and maximum definition, a decorative technique applied in innovative production lines. 


Screen printing on glass cups

We are specialists in screen printing glass, polycarbonate, PVC or ceramic vessels for household items, brands, tableware, stained glass series, advertising or events.

In the decoration of glasses, we offer a wide range of finishes and possible combinations with striking visual effects such as the nuanced exterior of glasses, color gradients, metallic, gold or the rubber effect, finishing the personalization of the glass with screen printing and/or hot stamping; All these production processes are carried out with a low carbon footprint using water-based paints and ecological screen printing inks.

Bottle and container decoration company, experts in bottle painting with Ecofriendly techniques and paints, serigraphy, hot stamping and lacquering services for glass containers for food, perfumery, cosmetics and HOME Fragrance. More than 50 years of experience in packaging decoration together with state-of-the-art production lines. 

PCM sustainability with different options to recover, redecorate or recycle containers and bottles with design errors, labeling or series remains.


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