Screen printing of bottles and glass packaging

Bottles and containers screen-printed with ecological techniques

Screen printing of bottles and glass packaging

Screen printing of bottles and glass packaging

We offer screen printing services for bottles and containers for different industrial sectors such as food, perfumery, cosmetics and Home Fragrance, screen printing on glass, metal or plastic containers.

Bottle screen printing is a printing technique used to reproduce texts, logos and images on any type of bottle. It consists of transferring ink through a mesh stretched on a frame.

In our business activity we use screen printing to transfer the design to the bottle or container, printing the logo of the brand and the descriptions of the product it contains. Screen printing is widely used for high-quality labels directly on glass containers, an application that requires features such as long-lasting durability and resistance to external elements. 

We have state-of-the-art screen printing machinery capable of offering higher quality standards and decorative possibilities on all types of packaging, an ecological technology with a low carbon footprint in all screen printing productions.


Silk-screen decoration of glass, metal or plastic bottles and packaging

In screen printing on glass we control the thickness of the ink film by the diameter of the mesh fibers, this allows us to apply very thick and thin inks.

Our screen printing services can be applied to any glass container. We use UV inks and state-of-the-art printing machinery that allow a personalized service with top-quality finishes. 

Industrial decoration of glass bottles, decoration lines with state-of-the-art machinery.


The key permeographic shape in a packaging screen printing project

We develop the permeographic form for the screen printing of glass bottles and containers, with the manufacture and assembly of the frame, the mesh and the image layer. Each component has its specific characteristics, which can enhance the screen printing process on glass, metal or plastic.

Our frames used in screen printing are metallic and reinforced frames, they have automatic self-tensioning for long productions, which ensures the quality of all the prints on the containers.

The screen printing mesh regulates and measures the amount of ink, the mesh must be adapted to the different shapes of the containers, whether they are circular like bottles and jars, or adapted to concave and convex shaped jars.

The mesh and the inks are another determining point for a definition of the highest quality, own formulas with national, European and imported compounds. The success of a serigraphic decoration project depends to a large extent on the classification of the mesh and its threads, its tension and the fluidity of the inks.

The image layer in screen printing distributes the ink and passes through a porous fabric to produce the image. The image layer blocks the screen mesh to prevent ink from reaching the bottle or container, thus creating “non-image” zones.


Our bottle screen printing machines, state-of-the-art technology. 


Selecting the correct image layer depends on many elements, our state-of-the-art technology offers multiple options for image layer creation.

In all our bottle screen printing projects we carry out exposure tests to optimize the creation of the image and obtain constant results.

All the components of the permeographic shape are interrelated.

The decisions made in the selection of the frame, the mesh and the layer of the image are decisive to provide the optimal image to the printing process on bottles or containers. We make a careful selection of the components of the permeographic shape among the multiple variables that affect it.


Design print on olive oil bottles


Glass screen printing with Ecofriendly inks and paints, respectful with the environment, our production lines for screen printing bottles They have the most advanced printing systems on glass. 


Linear screen printing of containers and bottles

Linear screen printing is used in projects with glass, metal or plastic containers with flat surfaces, such as square bottles or jars with smooth walls, types of containers that we can find in perfumes. At PCM Grupo we offer infinite possibilities when it comes to personalizing your packaging with this type of linear screen printing.

screen printed perfume bottle


Other examples of screen-printed packaging in our facilities


Silkscreen and thermographic printing of Aigner No. 1 perfume bottles on painted glass with a brown lacquered base, bottle customization with brand colors, bottles screen-printed with hot stamping. 

Serigraphy of perfumery packaging 


Screen-printed decoration of the aluminum casing on glass painted on a matt black base, bottle customization with brand colors, bottles screen-printed with Ecofriendly inks. 


Serigraphy casing perfume Prada 

360º bottle screen printing

360º bottle screen printing is a circular decorative technique used in projects where the surface of the bottle is spherical or oval with the possibility of printing the designs on glass, a clear example is beverage bottles and food containers.

This decorative technique is also used on glasses and jars for household items; With circular glass screen printing the decorative possibilities for bottles, jars, glasses, candles and mikados are endless.


screen-printed bottles


More examples of screen-printed bottles in our facilities


London Dry Gin Master's screen-printed bottles on blue-based lacquered glass, bottle customization with brand colors, bottles screen-printed with Ecofriendly inks. 


Masters gin bottle serigraphy


Ginifer screen-printed bottles on matt black base painted glass, bottle customization with brand colors, design prints and texts with Ecofriendly inks. 


Liquor Bottle Screen Printing


Screen printing of white wine bottles from Bodegas El Grifo, printing on glass using screen printing and hot stamping. Personalization of bottles with the brand logo and descriptions screen printed with Ecofriendly inks. 


Screen-printed wine bottles


Screen printing of Elegance olive oil bottles by Olis Ferrer, a simple and elegant decoration with the printing of the design on the glass of the container, texts and fonts printed with maximum definition. 

 Olive oil bottle screen printing


Decoration of the Zeeland gin bottles on glass painted with a gradient effect with 3 colours, finished with the screen printing of the design, logo and product texts. Printing with the highest definition on glass, we have the latest technology for screen printing glass containers.



Screen printing of glass bottles, example of work carried out by our company.



In the decoration of Olivo Amigo bottles The challenge of this decorative project is the register presented by the serigraphy to simulate Gaudí's trencadís, and the development of Pantone colors.


Decoration of Olivo Amigo oil bottles with serigraphy

Screen printing of Minoric Gin bottles Screen printing was used to print different texts on the upper back of the bottle and on the sides. 

Hot stamping, on the other hand, is a technique for decorating bottles that uses a hot foil to transfer a metallic layer onto the bottle, in this case it has been used to apply a layer of a shiny metallic copper color to the front. Of the bottle. 

In the personalization of the Minoric Gin 262 bottles, a combination of brown/green gradient paint has been used; in the Legacy and Blue bottles, colors have been combined with the transparency of glass.


Minoric Gin gin bottle screen printing


For this decoration of Origival olive oil bottles we have used shiny black screen printing that we can see on the neck and body of the bottle, which fits perfectly with the white and gold colors that we applied to finish the decoration of the bottles.

Origival olive oil bottle screen printing

Bottle and container decoration company, experts in bottle painting with Ecofriendly techniques and paints, serigraphy, hot stamping and lacquering services for glass containers for food, perfumery, cosmetics and HOME Fragrance. More than 50 years of experience in packaging decoration together with state-of-the-art production lines. 

PCM sustainability with different options to recover, redecorate or recycle containers and bottles with design errors, labeling or series remains.


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