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decoration lines

At PCM we have a covered area of ​​more than 14500m2 where 15 fully automated lines work in decorating containers by means of painting and silk-screen printing.

We apply a wide range of liquid products on the exterior and interior surfaces of parts made of different materials: from glass to ferrous and non-ferrous metals; applications on a series of plastic supports, from PP to ABS through PET, PS, SAN, PMMA and the new products that chemical research makes available.



Our installations allow you to obtain any aesthetic and tactile effect: glossy, matt, soft-touch, ceramic, metallic (silver and gold), metallic, iridescent, faded, lens effect, etc.


Machinery for industrial decoration of glass bottles and containers


Naturally, each decorative cycle is studied to obtain the desired aesthetic effect, using decorations and serigraphy to simultaneously guarantee the necessary chemical and physical resistance.

Our annual production capacity is greater than 50.000.000 containers and decorated accessories.


Bottle and container decoration company, experts in bottle painting with Ecofriendly techniques and paints, serigraphy, hot stamping and lacquering services for glass containers for food, perfumery, cosmetics and HOME Fragrance. More than 50 years of experience in packaging decoration together with state-of-the-art production lines. 

PCM sustainability with different options to recover, redecorate or recycle containers and bottles with design errors, labeling or series remains.


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