Sustainability Packaging Color Manufacturing

Since we started our industrial activity in Packaging Color Manufacturing, sustainability has been one of our values.
Non-ecological decoration of glass containersEcological decoration of glass containers

ecological decoration

In Packaging Color Manufacturing we are the leading company in the decoration of containers and accessories; Our purpose is to continue innovating and improving our ecological decorative solutions to care for our environment. We intend to grow responsibly and sustainably, setting social and environmental objectives. PCM Grupo committed to the protection and care of the environment. Our transition from the linear economy to the circular economy

2030 Carbon Neutral

At PCM Grupo we have set ourselves very ambitious environmental objectives.


In all our industrial decoration processes for containers and accessories, only ecofriendly inks and water-based paints are used, decorations that guarantee the complete recycling of the container once its useful life ends.


A pillar in ecological decoration is the technology used when personalizing a container, which is why at PCM Grupo we always use the latest generation technology for low energy consumption, reducing the carbon footprint.

Circular economy

Renewable energies, reuse of pallets, recycling of containers, recovery and reuse; packaging decorations and "Neutral Carbon" accessories. With 50 years of experience innovating in the ecological decoration of packaging.

Ecology and Environment Sustainability

Our initiatives for the care and preservation of the environment.

Solar energy PCM industrial facilities

Glass recycling

Solar energy PCM industrial facilities

Container recovery

Circular economy Our decoration lines.

State-of-the-art technology with the highest European environmental standards.

Recycling of glass containers

We recycle defective or broken containers classified into glass, metal and plastics for recycling and reuse as raw material for stained glass windows.

Container recovery

We recover bottles and glass containers for redecoration, we remove previous decorations from series remains to reuse the bottles.

recovery and recycling

Recycling of packaging materials, protective plastics, recovery of pallets, cardboard and use of UVI drying ovens with a low carbon footprint.

We transform our relationships


The circular economy drives innovation and transforms relationships with our customers and suppliers; At PCM we are clear that to succeed in this new circular economy we need courageous goals, leadership and commitment.
Bottle and container decoration company, experts in bottle painting with Ecofriendly techniques and paints, serigraphy, hot stamping and lacquering services for glass containers for food, perfumery, cosmetics and HOME Fragrance. More than 50 years of experience in packaging decoration together with state-of-the-art production lines. 

PCM sustainability with different options to recover, redecorate or recycle containers and bottles with design errors, labeling or series remains.


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