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Minoric Gin

At Packaging Color Manufacturing we have decorated the bottles of Minoric Gin, a design awarded with the Bronze medal in the Design & Packaging International SPIRITS Challenge 2023.

Minoric Gin bottles are a clear example of how screen printing, hot stamping and glass painting can be combined to create a spectacular result.

Minoric Gin is a gin brand originating from the island of Menorca, in Spain, which seeks to convey the essence and values ​​of the island in each of its gins. The decoration of the Minoric Gin bottles created by the design agency specialized in packaging We are SmallIt is one of the most impressive that we have seen in recent years.

The glass bottle with a modern and elegant design has a raised print that gives it a touch of texture to the touch. The most interesting aspect of the decoration of the Minoric gin bottles is the serigraphy, hot stamping and painting, which have been used in the decoration to create a gradient effect that simulates the change of color of the sea, the earth and the sun in the island of Menorca.


Minoric Gin bottle decoration process


During the Minoric Gin bottle decoration process we use state-of-the-art painting lines capable of creating the gradient effect between colors. 

La bottle screen printing it is a circular printing technique that uses a mesh to transfer the ink to the surface of the bottle. In the decoration of the Minoric bottles we have used screen printing to print different texts on the upper back of the bottle and on the sides. 

Hot stamping, on the other hand, is a technique for decorating bottles that uses a hot foil to transfer a metallic layer onto the bottle, in this case it has been used to apply a layer of a shiny metallic copper color to the front. Of the bottle. 

In the personalization of the Minoric Gin 262 bottles, a combination of brown/green gradient paint has been used; in the Legacy and Blue bottles, colors have been combined with the transparency of glass.

Screen printing, hot stamping and painting on glass

The combination of these decorative techniques on glass have made it possible to create an impressive appearance inspired by the tranquility and landscapes of the island of Menorca, the essence of the Minoric brand. 

In summary, screen printing, hot stamping and painting are techniques that allow to create spectacular results in the decoration of containers, and the Minoric Gin bottle is an excellent example of how they can be combined to create an exceptional design. 

The decorated gin bottles are undoubtedly some of the most attractive and elegant on the market, and they have been deserving of their nomination for the best international packaging design.

If you are looking to decorate your packaging in an impressive way, we recommend that you consider these decorative techniques and experiment with them to create amazing results.

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