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Decoration of bottles of extra virgin olive oil Origival


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Decoration of the olive oil bottles of our friends and clients of Origival; It is a pleasure to continue collaborating for another year in the launch of your olive oil. olive The most premium extra virgin, with a unique bottle to contain a unique and inimitable oil that combines 9 varieties of extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.

For this decoration of olive oil bottles we have used a water-based paint in an opaque matte black tone, combined with a glossy black screen print that we appreciate on the neck and body of the bottle, which fits perfectly with the colors white and gold. that we apply to finalize the decoration of the bottles.

We continue working to make the ideas of all our clients come true, giving extra value to their products.

Our sustainability and environmental protection policy includes the premise of using water-based paints and UV screen printing inks, minimizing as much as possible the environmental impact of the decorative process and the raw materials used, thus guaranteeing the complete recycling of the glass once its useful life ends. of the container.

Bottle and container decoration company, experts in bottle painting with Ecofriendly techniques and paints, serigraphy, hot stamping and lacquering services for glass containers for food, perfumery, cosmetics and HOME Fragrance. More than 50 years of experience in packaging decoration together with state-of-the-art production lines. 

PCM sustainability with different options to recover, redecorate or recycle containers and bottles with design errors, labeling or series remains.


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